„The Rishikesh Earthbag Project“

Yoga & Natural Building April/May 2017

Earthbag Building at Rishikesh Yogashram, India

We are happy to present you „The Rishikesh Earthbag Project“. A unique combination of Yoga & Natural Building.


The Yoga & Earthbag Building takes place in this beautiful ashram in Rishikesh, India. We build an Earthbag House for the „Rishikesh Yogashram“.

This Ashram is surrounded by a protected forrest, located in the Himalayan hills overlooking Ganga River on top of the „Yoga capital of the world“: Rishikesh.



About the Project

Away from busy Indian life, in contact with yourself and nature, this project combines Yoga, Meditation with Natural Building. A great opportunity and open to all wishing to breathe in fresh Ashram air, deepen your yoga practice and learn more about Earthbag Architecture.

This is your chance to meet wonderful People from around the globe and together we get our hands back in the earth. You will learn how to build an Earthbag house from the scratch. Starting with preparation of the site, foundations, drainage, walls, earthquake safe reinforcements, in- and outside plastering, roof, plumbing, electricity and heating system.

Earthbag buildings are low-tec, low-Budget, eco-friendly and – with the right design – earthquake resistant houses. The whole himalayan area lies in an earthquake danger zone. So it is important to build new houses strong and resistant. The Earthbag Architecture provides the strength needed to withstand earthquakes.

It includes plenty of Hands-on experience, one yoga class a day, as well as a lot of spare time to practice yoga, share your knowledge of natural building, art and music. There is nothing more beautiful and nourishing than to sit at the fireplace in the evening after a natural building day.

The project is open for all people to join as volunteers. There is no building or yoga experience required.

The Goal

Our Goal is to build an eco-friendly Earthbag house. We reconnect with nature and the elements of earth, water, air and space. There are many ways of living and building in harmony with our surrounding. The Earthbag Architecture presented in this project is one of many ways towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Yogi Amitram

Yogi Amitram

Many seekers from around the world gather at Rishikesh Yogashram to life a spiritual life in nature. Meditation and Yoga are the big pillars of the Yogashram. Yogi Amitrams aim is to share his knowledge of Yoga and spirituality and he opens the door to all those willing to learn.

Ecolocigal issues are big, not only in India, therefor it is important to learn new ways of building and living. We try to keep our planet clean & green, that´s the gift we want to leave our children and grandchildren. Here you find more infos about the ashram: Rishikesh Yogaashram

matthuMatthias Govinda Roth

Project Manager. Natural Builder. Musician. Touring with his music for many years in Europe, India & Sri Lanka spreading good vibes with devotional music and healing Songs. Loves natural building and working as a Team. He built in Spain & England with Paulina Wojciechowska, the „Earthbag-Guru“.

Certified Yoga Teacher and Body Therapist. Courrently lives in Bad Meinberg, Germany, next to the Yoga-Vidya Ashram. www.matthiasroth.org

Matthias on Facebook


Kick-off is beginning of April 2017. We still need to prepare the site and getting the accomodation ready for you volunteers to join in. As soon as we are ready you are more than welcome to build with us, and learn about Earthbag buildings.


  • 08:00-09:00   Breakfast
  • 09:00-12:00    Hands-on (incl. theory)
  • 12:30-14:00     Lunch
  • 14:00-16:30     Hands-on
  • 16:30-18:00    Yoga / Meditation / Pranayama
  • 18:30-19:30     Dinner
  • 19:30                 Sharing, Music, ind. presentations.

Practical Infos


Volunteers are welcome to join the project. You offer your practical help, and you get free food & lodging, hands-on experience about earthbag architecture, and one yoga class a day. We invite participants to feel free to donate to the project. Sunday is a day off. Please note that all donations flow directly into the Project. It´s a non-Profit Project, therefor we all contribute to this growing eco-friendly ashram with our love and energy.


The fee includes 3 healthy, tasty 🙂 and vegetarian meals a day. Pls let us know if you are on a Special diet and we try to respond to your wishes.


we provide simple accomodation at the Yoga Ashram in a dormitory in the freshly built Earthship. Three cottages are built right now. Once they are finnished, there are more comfortable options to stay at this lovely Ashram.  Please bring your Camping matrass and sleeping bag with you. There is the possibility to camp on site. Feel free to bring your own tent.

Yoga / Meditation

Also included is one yoga class a day (90min) lead by certified yoga teachers. We offer a unique natural building experience combined with the ancient science of yoga in a beautiful Indian Ashram.

Ashram Guidelines

Please be Aware of and respect the ashram vibes. This means we go for a vegetarian diet. We dont do smoking, alcohol, smoking weed and we Keep the ashram free of drugs. This helps us to grow in Spirit and reconnects us with our innermost. It is also a building site. We work on ladders, high walls, with barbed wire, tools, hammers etc. Be Aware of the potentially dangerous drugs/alcohol. We are in the mountains with rocks and sometimes sharp stones, so bring good shoes with you. There are wild animals (leopards) around, so please leave your dog at home. Check if your insurance is covering service in India. You are completly responsible for your health and safety.

How to get there

Airplane: Fly to Dehli, then to DehraDun. There are busses / Taxis from DehraDun to Rishikesh.

Train/Bus: There are Trains& busses leaving from Dehli to Haridwar and Rishikesh.

Taxi: Also possible, you get in a taxi in Dehli and ride straight to us.

The Ashram is about a 2h walk away from RamJula. Or take a taxi (27km from Rishikesh)

Contact us for further Information about flights and how to get to us.Check google maps to find your way from Rishikesh. Here is the link and adress:

Village Pundrasoo (Near Nealkanth Temple)
Rishikesh 249192
Uttarakhand, Himalaya

Ashram on GoogleMaps

What to bring

  • working clothes
  • warm clothes for cool nights
  • sleeping bag & Camping matrass (tent, if you want to sleep in a tent)
  • torch
  • working gloves
  • good working shoes
  • music instruments for the evenings
  • yoga mat and yoga clothes
  • water bottle
  • first aid kit with desinfectant


Earth Hands and Houses – Paulina Wojciechowska

Paulina Wojciechowska, Architect & Earthbag Pioneer. She wrote the first book about Earthbag Architectre. Workshops about Natural Building, Earthbags, Strawbale Architecture, Plastering etc. www.earthhandsandhouses.org

Dr. Owen Geiger Natural Builder

Author of many books about natural building. Teaching around the globe. Author of Natural building blog. Natural Building Blog

Good Earth Nepal

After the 2015 earthquakes, Good Earth Nepal built and is still building numerous Earthbag Buildings in different designs in Nepal and India. www.goodearthnepal.org


Here some ideas for this 25m2 Studio with kitchen corner and attached bathroom. The stove takes away lots of place, so we propably go for an brick/earthen wood stove in the northwest corner. Check out some designs:




And finally: here some amazing designs by Patti Stouter on buildsimple.org

Earthquake Designs for Nepal/Himalaya

Rishikesh has a low risk of getting 0,2g earthquake the next 50 years. So we go for Design according to Patti Stouters work. We adjust to 5x5m instead of 4x6m.

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